Bad Ass Cleaver

The Bad Ass Cleaver
has arrived!

BBQ Legends have been searching for a cleaver that can withstand years of hard use and be strong enough to maintain a perfect edge for extended periods. The Bad Ass Cleaver has arrived for the BBQ industry. Regardless of the regional BBQ flavor you specialize in one thing is true, you need a cleaver that big, tough, durable, corrosion resistant and comfortable to use.

The Bad Ass Cleaver is the essential tool for all BBQ Professionals, get yours today.

100% Designed and Manufactured in the United States.

Bad Ass Cleaver
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The design of the Bad Ass Cleaver was no accident, it's shape and contours were developed by renown knife maker Tom Johanning Sr., a specialist in designing rock solid knives with ergonomically friendly handles to provide comfort during extended use.


The Bad Ass Cleaver was field tested by Bobby "Choo Choo" Hinton (Sarasota, Florida) "The Bad Ass Cleaver is the only cleaver I use and I put it through hell and back every day. This really is the ultimate need to look anywhere else."


Overall Length 14.25"
Blade Length 8.25"
Blade Material 440 C Stainless Steel
Hardness 58 Rc
Handle Material Micarta
Handle Color Red Linen or Green Canvas
Weight 2lb 12oz
Price $349.99

About Knifemaker

Tom Johanning

Tom Johanning

Tom Johanning Sr. is the CEO of Florida Knife Inc. in Sarasota, Florida. Tom's life-long career passion has been designing and manufacturing knives of all types. With every blade he produces, the basic ingredients never change, end user focused design, exceptional raw materials and a dedication to products that will last.

Tom is from Ohio where he spent the early part of his career learning from the best in the industry. Tom brought his skill and expertise down to Florida and for the past 35 years his company has been producing knives for industrial manufacturing as well as custom personal cutlery and survival knives. It's likely that somewhere in your home today there are items that were fabricated using blades manufactured by Tom and Florida Knife.

Tom's work has been recognized numerous times over the years by trade publications such as Blade Magazine, Tactical Knives, Knives Illustrated and Fighting Knives and some of his custom knives are in use today by US personnel across the globe.

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